Parked visibly but never in the same location, our billboard bikes see more than 3000 spots on average per day collecting more than 1.7 million contacts. The bike is commonly seen as a very sympathetic mode of transportation and so is the correlation with the brands we represent on it. By using three different billboards per bike we create 360 degree coverage with a very large field of view. You can’t miss it!

The app

Our app is our ambassador’s key to using the bike and also the way in which they can keep in touch with our advertisers. With 10 contact moments on average per day you can ask our ambassadors to change their daily cycle routes in order to enlarge your reach or let them participate in our cycle&win game while give them parking challenges in exchange for BikeCoins.


Our bike is driven by our ambassadors while our reach is data driven. All of this we owe to the smart-lock that communicates with the user’s phone while collecting the cycling, parking and target group data.

Our Reach

We could say that girls cycle more than boys during midday or that most of our boys go to the gym more than 2 times a week. We would rather say that we cycle 6000 kilometers a day on average while parking our billboards at more than 3000 different locations. All of our bikes together generate a reach of 21.476.300 contacts a week while we have the lowest CPM in the market.

Our Ambassadors

Working together with our brand ambassadors we create win-win situations. We believe that if we pursue our core values while going through our ambassador selection procedure we can create a sustainable and effective marketing community. Whether our ambassadors are participating in brand activation or trying to earn points through our incentive program, they always represent our bikes around town in the best possible way.